About Us

LeathersOutlet is your place to reach style highs with our branded leather jackets that, too, just the way you want

We are more than just a jacket maker who aims to gain profits only. Instead, LeathersOutlet exists for all those “I want to do it my way” people. Why settle for others designed jackets on the display when we can make a custom leather jacket EXCLUSIVELY for you, just the way you want! From color, size, leather quality to budget, everything in your control.

We have been in the leather industry since 1985, and by combining this 35 years of bespoke service experience with today’s technology, we present you with the finest quality custom jackets accessible to everyone.

It’s time to stop following the herd and make your own style statement. Checkout our Instagram custom collection of cool jackets or tweak them in whatever way you want.

Why Leather'sOutlet?

As the name says it all:

Above all, we empower you to wear what you like because you deserve to have your say in what you wear.

Want that Tom Cruise’s jacket from Mission Impossible ?

Show us a picture, and we will handle the rest!

Make Your Own Jacket

Custom option will let you design your own jacket while the bulk option is to facilitate your different orders in bulk quantity.
Can anything be simpler than this?

Enough of thinking, time to take action!

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